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Life Values Self-Assessment Test -- Values Defined

jeremy koch self-assessment values Sep 27, 2010

by Jeremy Koch

photo via pixabay

Descriptions of Eleven Core Values


To spend quality time with my family

Financial Resources

To secure the resources to support my short and long-term financial goals


To build, strengthen, and preserve personal friendships

Health and Fitness:

To be healthy and physically fit

Home and Place

To make my home in a location and community that supports my desired lifestyle and personal values


To play an important role in the leadership of a group, a company, or an organization

Leisure Pursuits

To pursue hobbies, sports, and interests outside of work and family

Personal Growth

To constantly learn new things, to expand my horizons

Public Service

To make a contribution to my community or society as a whole


To explore and develop the spiritual side of my life

Work Satisfaction

To do work that is enjoyable and stimulating


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