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mark gleason retirement Apr 11, 2009
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by Mark Gleason

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Baby Boomers Are Redefining Retirement

Boomers expect work to be an important part of their lives as they look to the future. Fewer than 20 percent expect to stop working altogether. In their version of retirement, they plan to:

Boomers Want to Give Back

58 percent of adults in the 50s are interested in finding work to help improve the quality of life in their communities. Source: Civic Ventures (June 2005)

Huge Purchasing Power

Americans 50+ control 77 percent of the nation’s financial wealth, take 80 percent of all luxury trips and purchase 48 percent of all luxury automobiles. Source: AgeWave

Living Longer

Average life expectancy today is 78 years, up from 66 years in 1950. That means boomers will have a longer, healthier middle age than any previous generation. Source: U.S. Census


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