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Replace Limiting Beliefs Fast!

language limiting beliefrs neuroscience peter axtell positive thinking reticular activating system Jul 27, 2023


Did you know your LIMITING BELIEFS can hold you back?

🚀 Of course I did sunshine. Big whoop. Tell me something I haven't heard a million times.

It's been driving me crazy trying to figure out if there is a mechanism, a process that can provide proof of how negative beliefs are formed.

As an avowed skeptic,

I need something beyond woo-woo, beyond just positive thinking.

I need to feel a level of certainty.

That's what proven processes give me.

But guess what?

Neuroscience has finally unraveled the mystery of how to REPLACE them with empowering beliefs! 🧠

I hear the cathedral bells ringing in triumph right now.

We all have those pesky limiting beliefs like a burr in our socks that hinder our growth and success, not to mention our well-being.

But fear not.

The solution lies in understanding a specific part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). (who comes up with these names?)

This pencil-shaped part of the brain, located near the brain stem, acts as a filter for the millions of bits of information our senses are bombarded with daily.

The RAS filters what's important to us, including our beliefs positive and negative. It influences our actions and, ultimately, our reality.

But how do we change these limiting beliefs to empowering ones?

By planting new seeds in our minds using the power of language.

Put on your gardening gloves and listen up.

Here's how.

First, ditch the word "try."

Try means fail.

When we say we'll "try" something, we're subconsciously setting ourselves up for failure.

Replace "try" with "do."

Yoda was right. There is no try Luke; there's only "do"

Plant the seed "do."

Off it goes to the unconscious mind to work on bringing that "do" into reality.

Next up. Replace the word "hope."

Hope is filled with doubt.

Do you want to plant seeds of doubt?

I think not.

Doubt feels icky.

Replace "hope" with a magic word.


Intend to be successful and change your limiting beliefs for positive ones.

Intend is the seed you want to plant.

If you think I'm a lunatic, try using the word intend in your language and feel how different intend is from hope.

I predict what you'll feel is a lack of that lousy emotion.


Let's face it.

Doubt sucks like a cheap lollipop.

The church bells ring.

The sun shines a little brighter.

You feel optimistic today.

That is what I intend for you to feel.

Now you know (even you skeptics) that Neuroscience has confirmed the process of how the RAS can change limiting beliefs to empowering ones.

All without magic fairy dust.


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