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[Masterclass Replay] Rookie to Rockstar: How to Crush Your First Two Years on a Job

career advancement career change dalan vanterpool money negotiation purposeful living Dec 11, 2019

by Dalan Vanterpool

Watch the replay of the Masterclass Webinar "Rookie to Rockstar: How to crush your first two years on a job with Dalan Vanterpool.


About Dalan Vanterpool

Writes, speaks and podcasts about: Career development, personal finance, secondary income streams.

Dalan is an executive career coach and private banker from the British Virgin Islands. He helps young professionals build meaningful careers that lead to more time, money and freedom. A few years ago, he moved to Panamá where he now works and speaks decent Spanish on most days.

Over the past 15 years Dalan’s career path, educational and musical pursuits, allowed him to work, play and study across 5 countries, 4 multi-national firms and 2 languages. During this time, he noticed how many people are just surviving rather than thriving in their careers. He set out to solve this problem for himself and others through research, experimentation, and interviewing thriving professionals. His focus is largely on building careers and additional income streams.

When he’s not helping high net worth clients manage their money, Dalan produces digital content about careers and hosts Focus The Fire podcast weekly. He’s always happy to chat about cookies or jazz.

Dalan’s WHY: To help young professionals build meaningful careers that lead to time, money and freedom so they can live well and influence communities positively.

You can connect with Dalan via Twitter, LinkedIn or his Website.


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