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Three Free Self-Assessment Tests

jeremy koch self-assessment Dec 23, 2009

by Jeremy Koch

photo via pixabay

The start of the new year is a great time for personal reflection and taking stock

This process can often be enriched with the help of feedback from self-assessment tests that provide feedback and insight into various aspects of personality, aptitudes, interests, and character.  

Here are three tests that address different dimensions of personality and behavior and are available for free online.

Jung Personality Typology Test.  Psychologists and career consultants have been using Jungian personality typology tests for decades.  These tests can help individuals understand their own personality type as well as how to interact effectively with other personality types in the workplace.  A free version of the test can be self-administered at HumanMetrics.  The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) is a more sophisticated version of the same test and can be accessed for a fee (usually about $60).  If you are currently working with a career counselor or life coach, many are qualified to administer and interpret the MBTI.  

Career Values.  Richard Knowdell’s Career Values test is a simple but effective “card sort” that helps you to prioritize the various dimensions of career and life and to understand the trade-offs between them.  In addition to the prioritization process, Knowdell provides a variety of exercises to help apply the results of the test to process of evaluating alternative career and lifestyle choices.  The Career Values test and the exercises can be accessed for free at the website of Stewart, Cooper & Coon.

Values In Action (VIA).  Values In Action measures 24 essential elements of human character that have been found to be universal and define what is best in people.  Understanding your own “Signature Strengths” can help you understand who you really are and improve your overall functioning, both in the workplace and your personal life.  The test can be taken online at VIA Institute on Character.  A simplified top-line report is available at no charge.  A more detailed report can be obtained for $40 (student rate $20).


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