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The Three R's of Midlife Reinvention

amy bernstein career change purposeful living Nov 03, 2011

by Amy Bernstein

photo via pixabay

Psychologist Vivian Diller offers advice for personal reinvention in midlife

If you think you are in the market for a midlife makeover, you should consider psychologist Vivian Diller’s three  R’s of reinvention before taking a leap into the unknown.

Resilience. The first thing to ask yourself: Are you resilient and resourceful enough both emotionally and financially to face the risks and challenges of change? There is  often an element of unpredictably inherent in change—it may not turn out the way you had hoped.

Reliance. The second factor to be considered:  are you able to rely on friends who can support you through a period of transition? Colleagues and friends or family you can trust are an important part of the support you will need during an emotional and often disruptive period.

Renewal. And third, but just as important, can you let go of your former life and the roles that made you feel secure and comfortable? Human beings are creatures of habit; old routines and emotional attachments can be difficult to leave behind.

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