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by Jeremy Koch

photo by Nicola Vetter

Why We’re Here.

No doubt about it -- we live in challenging times.

The economy is in turmoil... unemployment is hitting levels not seen in decades... and eighty million baby boomers are moving rapidly toward a stage of life that used to be called ‘retirement.’  With all these forces at work, a growing number of people in midlife and reassessing the way they live and work.

These people may be motivated by external forces – such as having lost a job – or they may simply have found that age and experience are leading them to pursue a life with more purpose and meaning.  Or they may just be hoping to find a better balance between work and the other elements of life that create a satisfying and meaningful existence. Whatever the reasons, there is no doubt that millions of Americans are looking to the future and thinking about making a change -- and in some cases a big change.

That's why we created What’s Next.

The mission of is to provide information, inspiration and advice to professional men and women who are interested in mid-life career change or lifestyle transition.  To explore the site, click on, or read on for a for a quick guide to what the site has to offer...

Careers 2.0.  A collection of real-life stories of career change that will inform anyone who is looking for ideas and inspiration for making a career transition of his or her own.  Careers 2.0 already includes over three dozen personal histories and is growing every day.

How-To Guides.  A collection of instantly downloadable guides that provide detailed information and step-by-step advice on how to orchestrate various types of career change.  The first of these – How To Become a Teacher – is available now, and others will be available shortly.  Our free special report – Career Change and Life Balance – is available for free when you register for the site.

Find An Advisor.  A searchable online directory with extensive listings of career coaches, life coaches, and financial advisors.  Over time, this section of the site will become an increasingly valuable resource for individuals looking to find qualified, professional advice on all facets of life and work transition.

Your Financial Plan.  An extensive library of articles and links to useful information -- specifically tailored to the needs of men and women at transitional moments in their lives.

Tools.  Links to some of the most useful self-assessment instruments and financial planning calculators available on the web. 

DreamBlogs.  First-hand thoughts, observations, and experiences posted by bloggers as they go through major changes in their own personal and professional lives.

This is just the beginning.  As we continue to build the site, will be expanding the depth of content and the range of services that we provide.  As we do, we will be constantly tailoring and adjusting the site to serve the needs of our audience.  In the meantime, we encourage you explore the site and email us with your thoughts, reactions and suggestions.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Jeremy Koch

Founder and Chairman

What's Next Media, LLC


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