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[Masterclass Replay] Your Money or Your Life? How to Have Both in Your New Job!

career change money purposeful living suze maclaine pont values Oct 22, 2019

by Suze Maclaine Pont

Watch the replay of the Masterclass Webinar “Your Money or Your Life? How to Have Both in Your New Job!" with Suze Maclaine Pont, Founder and Director of the Money Miracles Academy.


About Suze Maclaine Pont

Writes and speaks about: Money, Inner Power, Certainty, Purpose, Values, Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Suze is Founder and Director of the Money Miracles Academy and she is the leading Money and Business Mindset expert as well as the developer of the Money Flow Personality Quiz.

She started her first company at 24 years old and is both, a trauma therapist and a business coach. She is also the first mate on tall ships. She helps entrepreneurs grow their business without sacrificing their life, their values, their relationships or their kids. She does that through aligning people with who they really are, creating certainty around their message and following their natural flow.

You can take the Money Flow Personality Quiz for free and instantly discover what is really stopping you from bringing your fullest potential into the world as well as a 7 step path to changing it.

As a long-time trained coach with decades of experience in what blocks and motivates people Suze uses strategies that create permanent change. Enabling you to create a business that serves AND ensures your full potential to spread into the world without sacrifices or compromises. She believes that if everyone would live from that place, we could end all wars and live in harmony.

At a glance, Suze is a serial entrepreneur, wife, mother, speaker, sailor at heart and a relentless student of human behavior and psychology.

Suze’s WHY: Helping you create a fulfilled life by ensuring you actually bring to the world what it is you came here to do so you can create a truly fulfilled life.

The easiest way to get in touch with Suze is through LinkedIn.


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