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#40: Urgent! You Do Not Have Forever

with Joshua Lisec
December 21, 2023 | 71 Minutes



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In this episode of "Inside-Out Career Design" hosts Nicola Vetter & Peter Axtell speak with Joshua Lisec

You do not have forever. There is a window and there is a door. This door isn't just any door; it's a portal to the vast potential of What's Next. The unique opportunities that await you are just beyond its threshold. But, as with all things in life, this door won't remain open indefinitely.

It's like those self-closing doors in office buildings, equipped with a mechanism at the top. Once you push the door open — your What's Next Door — it allows passage. But this mechanism, designed like security doors in commercial spaces, won't keep the door open forever. It's a fleeting chance, a momentary opportunity. That door is closing either slowly or quickly but it’s closing.

Joshua Lisec, described as the #1 Ghostwriter in the world, certified hypnotist, master marketer, and one of the smartest people in the world today gives advice that is pure gold. Listen to every word.

So, the advice here is clear-cut and critical: seize the moment. Peek through this opening as swiftly as you can. Is there something on the other side that calls to you?

Because a time will come when the opportunity is no longer within reach, you might find yourself wishing for a second chance, but it's gone, leaving you with nothing but the hollow ache of regret. This may sound somewhat bleak, but it's based in realism…

There's a palpable urgency in pursuing your What's Next Moment. It's about exploring the possibilities, about contemplating what could be one, or even several, of your forthcoming chapters.

Hesitate, and the moment will pass. The door will close, and with it, those possibilities. Then, all that remains is the 'what could have been' — a path not taken. And that's a saddening thought, one we hope you never have to face.

So, embrace the moment, push open your What's Next Door, and step through before it swings shut. It's not just about avoiding regret; it's about embracing the potential for a fulfilling and vibrant future.

In our conversation, we talk about…

  • recognizing the impermanence of opportunities,
  • the risk of hesitation,
  • the advantages of writing a book, but not just any book, the right book and how that seeds authority in the marketplace,
  • why hypnowriting is a superpower,
  • and why hypnosis is so effective for lasting change.

About Joshua Lisec

Joshua Lisec is the Internet’s favorite ghostwriter. His work has gained widespread recognition, from TED to TMZ to Twitter Trends, establishing his reputation for always finding “the best way to say it.” 

Professionals in midlife transition from one business or career to another is the most typical person who seeks out Joshua's help, for writing a book and otherwise. Joshua has ghostwritten more than 80 nonfiction books for celebrities, executives, entrepreneurs, and for experts asserting authority in their industries for the first time.

Joshua is the only Certified Professional Ghostwriter (California State University Long Beach) and Certified Hypnotist (National Guild of Hypnotists) in the world, and more than 3,100 people have taken his persuasive writing courses. So Good They Call You a Fake is Joshua's fourth book.

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Some of the many insights...

  • Focus on providing direct value to customers instead of relying on employers or agencies. Build relationships directly with clients. (02:25)
  • Find your "people" - who needs your services? Research their demographics and psychographics. (15:04)
  • Speak to others' needs and frame things around "you", not "I". Avoid self-aggrandizement. (30:18)
  • Hypnosis helps make lasting change by altering subconscious beliefs and habits. Use hypno-writing to connect with readers' subconscious minds. (35:44, 40:31)
  • Ghostwrite to build authority and credibility. Books market themselves. (52:36, 1:07:49)
  • Writing for others expanded my worldview and sense of self more than any personal writing could. (53:03)
  • My heroes are the everyday people who persevere and make civilization function. (59:04)
  • Midlifers – carefully assess your risk tolerance before major changes. De-risk transitions. (1:01:52)
  • There is a closing window of possibility for change. Peek through before it shuts. (1:07:49)

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